Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Man You Call "Boss"

Friends, Romans, countrymen. On this most auspicious of Wednesdays I make the leap from child-blog to adult-blog and dispense with myspace once and for all. I am fed up of emo kids with bad hair and greasy skins asking me to be their friend, computer-meddling popups telling me computer is at risk and the conspicuous Tom. Who is Tom? No friend of mine.

Anyway, my previous misadventures are all still available at:

All future mild bigotry, tall tales and sick jokes shall be found here.

"The Boss"


His Royal Highness King Jerry the Wicked said...

can i still keep you as a friend on my space? huh can I? welcome to the world of adult blogging my my friend. I am sure you will find it fufilling and worthwhile. Good luck.

Blackwood said...

Well, my change hasn't really solved any problems. I still get daft emails from bands I've never heard of with questionable names and emo haircuts. That isn't going to change unless I get a new email address. My myspace will remain for posterity though. Just try erasing my words.

Damn you Tom, damn you.