Friday, July 27, 2012

Depressing American Disillusionment Family Crime Caper

Jennifer Lawrence, clearly in need of supervision.

I dreamed another movie a few weeks ago, so I felt I had better write it down before I forget it like I did with Sewer Cops.

So repressed.

Jennifer Lawrence is a gloomy teenager whose dad dies, and being an orphan has to be raised by her woefully ill-suited uncles. Joel Edgerton is a repressed widower, who resents the other brother, a philosophical ex-con played by Edward Norton. Together they are charged by whichever middle-American state is willing to subsidise the movie with Lawrence's welfare, but instead they embark on some kind of mild crime spree as they attempt to deal with their individual feelings on loss and family. There will be an atmosphere of barely-contained doom throughout.

Fuckin' burnout.