Sunday, January 29, 2012

You have been gifted with an ecard

From: Oliver Hulings
To: David Blackwood

someone told me I was drunk. I can tell you right now that I can still drive home because I'm drunk, not with alcohol, but with love for you. I have given you an eCard to let you realize how I feel. view your message Here (link I wasn't foolish enough to click)

This one just doesn't make any sense. Who would even click this? There are none of the standard demands for cash. I wonder where it would have taken me?

P.S. The other day someone called me with the classic "Hello, I'm calling from technical support, and your computer is full of viruses" call. I told him I was concerned and that I wanted to solve the problem as soon as possible. He told me that all he required were my bank details to authorise and pay for the repair (which was to be done remotely). I told him that in principle I was quite happy to do this, but I was having cash flow problems. I explained that I was a Nigerian prince with a considerable amount of wealth invested in oil, however there was currently a freeze on my account due to an administrative error, and I required a refundable deposit of $10,000 US dollars to release the funds. "You... want money from us?" the man said. "Yes," I told him. There was a moments silence. It was clear we had reached an impasse. He told me that he had to talk to his supervisor and put me on hold. I hung up.