Friday, August 17, 2012

If you kill me in a dream, you'd better wake up and apologise

Rest in pieces, Detective Madsen! Muuhahahahahaha!

I had another weird dream, which I will briefly describe. I was some sort of superpowered criminal, and I was being chased by two superpowered cops, Michael Madsen (playing tough older cop) and Chris Evans ("the rookie"). They were chasing me, and I clearly remember spouting the following snappy dialogue. To Madsen I yelled, "You'll never catch me, I'm always one step ahead of you." Then, gesturing to Evans, I added contemptuously: "And I'm always at least two steps ahead of him!" I flew to the top of a sort of mix between and Aztec ziggurat and the CN tower and proceeded to do battle with Madsen, before I SMOTE HIS RUIN on the ground below. This marks the first time my rampaging, untamed id has assassinated a celebrity in a dream. Go me.


-∆ said...

Do you have an American accent in your dreams?

Blackwood said...

Ironically, only when I'm played by Ewan McGregor.