Thursday, April 14, 2011

Big giant truck

The Dodge Ram 1500. Not actual size.

I'm a basically liberal European who cares about the environment and civil liberties, so why do I want one of these? It's about the most unnecessary and impractical vehicle I have ever seen. It's big and huge and must burn at least one diplodocus every time you take it down to the supermarket. How would you park? Would it even fit in the space? It's surely a car for red state Americans who say the Civil War was about states' rights and pronounce 'Iraq' 'Eye-Rack'. Yet quite a lot of urban Canadians also have them. Strange. Maybe it's the chrome. Delicious chrome.


C7 said...

Ohh... now you see! All your exposure to Canadians probably left you believing they really are distinct from Americans. Here's a little secret you'll start to pick up on very soon: Canadians aren't nearly as different from us as they like to believe. Big trucks, country music, fake maple syrup, and even some people who liked Bush.

Blackwood said...

What's wrong with Bush? Oh, you mean the mentally deficient former president. I thought you meant the English rock band from the 90s.