Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Economic migrant

Well, I'm here. I arrived yesterday morning after a delayed flight on which I seem to have picked up some form of lurgee. A shame, but some self-medication and I will be good as new. I digress, I had to go through immigration where a few disinterested people asked me rudimentary questions and then sent me to a desk where I was issued with an immigrant bag and a bunch of materials to help me settle in Canada. Pretty useful I suppose. Two magazines 'Canadian Immigrant' and 'Canadian Newcomer', an organiser that reminds me to get a job and a calendar with Canada facts on it. To be honest, I was just surprised that my beard had not singled me out for a stripsearch or anal finger-raping, and gladly disappeared to the baggage reclaim. There I found the axle of my mighty rolly suitcase had been broken in the flight. Perhaps I can get some money back from the airline...

Kaki picked me up, and it was so good to see her after so long. She's looking hot. I think having less of a couch potato lifestyle like we did back in KDY is treating her nicely. She says she's out doing stuff every other night, so that's pretty good. We went back to our "flapartment" (a new word I have coined in the spirit of compromise) for a smoked meat sandwich, which even though it wasn't quite on a par with the mighty Schwartz's it was still warmly appreciated. The flapartment is brilliant, fully great and there's absolutely heaps of space for having people over. The thing I like best is the dining area where I'm sitting now. Good dinner party space. The table is nice and I will require to buy coasters. So, after nipping to our local mall (5 minutes away, and complete with cinema) and picking up the few inevitable items I forgot, we went to pick Bridget up from work and give her the car back. As I have possibly mentioned before, Bridget works in TV, so I got to have a snoop around a TV station as well. Unfortunately, by this point I was more or less crashing, so it was basically time to go home. Tomorrow I get a bank account, arrange insurance, buy exotic cheeses and eat a curry in Little India.


Shiloh said...

Welcome to my country!

Visit ASAP.


C7 said...

Welcome to the new world, good sir. And you didn't even have to give up your Queen! If you have any interest in the history of the area, you should check out that book I was reading last year: Champlain's Dream. Lemme know when you get a keitai.

Blackwood said...

I intend to visit you both soon. Possibly together at some sort of pre-arranged location, or perhaps for a road trip like the good old days! Can you get behind this?
P.S. Champlain was a badass.

Bokassa said...


I can't wait to ride the Bloor-Danforth line with you all the way to Runnymede. I simply cannot wait to go to Runnymede. What can you tell me about Runnymede?

Love and hugs


Blackwood said...

I know nothing of it, Hugh. I'm ignorant. My usual recon techiniques involve going in a spiral shape outwards, and I haven't got that far yet. I'm particularly looking forward to Bessarion. It sounds like a planet out of Star Trek. And Don Mills just sounds like a fat guy who likes hockey. Also, you wouldn't believe the way they say the word "Dundas". It's unnatural. When are you coming out?